Indian Culinary Mastery: 89 Essential Recipes (Paperback)

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Welcome to Indian Culinary Mastery: 89 Essential Recipes This cookbook is a comprehensive guide to mastering all of the delicious and flavorful recipes of India. It provides all of the information you need to create mouthwatering dishes from simple curries to exotic and complex multi-dish feasts.

In this cookbook, you will find 89 recipes that have been carefully chosen to represent the diversity of the cuisine found in India, from accents and flavors of the north to the succulent delights of the south. You will find recipes to suit different diets, such as vegan and gluten-free, as well as recipes that use ingredients found in most Indian grocery stores.

With this cookbook, you will explore some of the most popular dishes in India like tandoori chicken, butter chicken, chapatti, and naan. You'll get expanding your culinary repertoire by trying dishes like Dahl Frittata, Punjabi Paneer, and Shrikhand. You'll find recipes for drinks like Jal Jeera and Spiced Mango Lassi. And you'll learn how to create delicious traditional feast menus.

You'll receive more than just instructions for cooking up these classic Indian dishes - the recipes also provide step-by-step guidance to learn about the spices and techniques used. You will be able to understand the balance between ingredients, how to create a blend of spices for any dish, and how to prepare different types of rice dishes like biryani and pulao.

The cookbook will also explain some of the fundamentals of Indian cooking, discussing the importance of tempering oils with whole spices, the fundamental differences between regional cuisines, and techniques to make your dishes taste all the more authentic. It will offer tips for stocking an Indian pantry so that you can easily recreate these traditional tastes whenever you like.

Become a master of Indian cooking with 95 delicious and mouth-watering recipes inside this cookbook for every skill level. Enjoy the full-color photographs as you prepare each of the curries, desserts, appetizers and drinks with ease and flavor. Let Indian Culinary Mastery serve as your guide to creating delicious authentic Indian cuisine.
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