Fore Square (Paperback)

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"You're just an Epi Retinal Membrane. A film. A clear tissue that grows over the fovea, the center most part of vision, without cause. Removed in eye surgery." What I say to myself, when I see them with him. At only 19-years-old, Rose Manleather met and fell in love with a rich married innovative business man. She told herself if she met him twice, it
was destiny. But after their second meeting, she saw in her minds eye that she needed to improve her own life and that love would find her again. After she had her life on track and both were single. She let El. Even Long go, feeling confident that life would bring them back together when timing was appropriate. Rose then meets and inspired by 7th Day Adventist, Dr. Rancheros and his family. She begins doing sled work to clean up her way of living. But locker room talk and misinformed rich women gossip rips and isolates Rose from her community and her chosen family. From unfortunate and unfair beginnings, Rose just thought life was always hard. But after parting ways with El. Even Long, life got substantially worse. An over 20 year mystery proves dark and sinister secrets that are keeping Rose's life on hold and preventing her from achieving her goals. What the group of people do to Rose and her children, Morgan and HRB, will shock you
A cover up in epic societal proportions involving flash mobs, hidden cameras, a pop music singer, phone stalking, forgery, subliminal sound and imagery, NDA's, messages hidden in the media, and hired health care professionals. All tactics used to force Rose Manleather to shut up And all along the way, a cruel pattern named Agent Orange continues in Rose's life. Will Rose ever see El. Even Long and Dr. Rancheros again? Can she expose the truths and get her voice back? Can Rose get free from the bondage that has her in misery and on hold? Or has her life been so ru-
ined by lies and corruptness that Rose Manleather and her children are stuck hidden and controlled forever? A life's story told by a collection of short stories involving many characters starting in Rose's childhood to present day. All this weaved together for the reader to come to their own conclusion on what happened to and will become of Rose Manleather.
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ISBN: 9798851569463
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 21st, 2023
Pages: 186
Language: English