The Artemis 1 Rocket: An evolution of lunar and space science (Paperback)

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A breakthrough in lunar science and beyond

As NASA nears return to the moon with the Artemis program, space scientists' enthusiasm approaches fever pitch.
Lunar research is about to be transformed by NASA's Artemis moon program, which will bring men to the moon's surface after an absence of almost 50 years and launch roughly five dozen robotic missions over the next three years.

NASA has touted its Space Launch System, or SLS, as the most powerful rocket ever constructed. The 98-meter rocket arrived Wednesday at a launch site at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It took over 10 hours for the rocket to make the six-and-a-half kilometer travel to the launch facility.

NASA is dubbing the maiden launch of the SLS rocket Artemis 1. There will be no personnel aboard the spaceship for the first flight. SLS will carry NASA's Orion spacecraft on a test mission to fly around the moon.

Artemis aims to place American astronauts on the moon no early than 2025. It would be the first lunar landing by humans since NASA's Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

With over a decade of gazing at stars and studying rockets and every other fascinating object of science, Russell L. Arthur, an extreme lover of space takes you on an informative journey and analysis of the Artemis rocket, equipping every astronomer, astrophysicist, star-gazer, constellation lover and every rocket enthusiast about the breakthrough, and answering everyone's present question- how this will affect how we view the universe subsequently.

Highlights of this book include:
  • Artemis rocket launch- all you need to know
  • Its missions
  • How the rocket operates
  • Things to know about NASA's moon-bound mega-rocket
  • Artemis Facts
  • Objects and surprises aboard the rocket
  • The best places to obtain the finest view of the launch
  • The future of rocket and lunar science
  • What we expect to come next
  • How SLS compares to Apollo-era Saturn V
  • Artemis 1 vs. Apollo 4
  • A sneak glimpse into Artemis 2
And so much more

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ISBN: 9798848260960
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 25th, 2022
Pages: 112
Language: English