Turkish for Beginners: A 10-Week Self-Study Program (2nd Edition with Audio) (Paperback)

Turkish for Beginners: A 10-Week Self-Study Program (2nd Edition with Audio) By Ahmet Murat Taşer Cover Image
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*All the Tracks are accessible through the Qr codes given at the beginning of each lesson.*

Turkish for Beginners: A 10-Week Self-Study Program is specifically prepared for students who are looking for a quick journey into Turkish, promising significant language skills in just 10 weeks Students will develop strong reading, writing, listening and understanding skills.

How is this possible?
  • The book consists of 10 units, each unit covering the most essential grammar points and language skills necessary to successfully handle basic social interactions.
  • Each unit starts with a fun dialogue, recounting the travels of Kate and Tom in Istanbul, while they are getting acquainted with the land, culture and people of Turkey.
  • Dialogues and vocabulary are recorded by native speakers, which is crucial for improving listening and speaking skills with correct pronunciation.
  • Short but concise grammar explanations guide the student with enough detail about the Turkish grammar.
  • Examples follow each grammar point to enhance learning.

So there it is - learning beginner level Turkish has never been easier

Upon completion, students are expected to reach the novice-high/intermediate-mid levels of proficiency as per the ACTFL Guidelines, or high 1, low 2 as per the ILR, or B1 as per the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)..

After you finish the book, you will be able to:
  • handle a range of social situations from visiting a friend to dining outside
  • read and understand basic instructions, texts and articles
  • advance in learning the language fully

Enjoy learning this beautiful language in just 10 weeks, with its revised new edition and with accompanying FREE audio The interior design has also been renewed to provide the students with a more pleasant studying experience

NOTE: To access the FREE audio please visit the website for Turkish for Beginners: The link is given inside the book.

What are other useful learning materials?
  • If you are looking for a more intense book that includes lengthy grammar explanations, abundant examples and countless exercises, then you can check Comprehensive Turkish for Beginners (979-8692131164).
  • Anecdotes from Nasreddin Hodja: Reading Texts for Turkish Learners
    will help you develop your reading skills with fun and compelling anecdotes of Nasreddin Hodja. Practice reading and listening and test your comprehension with exercises.
  • If you are travelling to Turkey or just studying Turkish and want to be fluent in most common social situations, Turkish Phrasebook for Travellers (979-8692914446) will be of great help.
  • To be comfortable in intermediate to advanced level vocabulary, you can check Turkish Learners' Dictionary: Intermediate & Advanced levels (979-8596270037).
Why learn Turkish?
Turkish is spoken as a first language by over 80 million people. It belongs to the Turkic language family, which includes thirty Turkic languages, making it in total of 220 million Turkish speakers worldwide Turkish is also a favorite second language, with over 15 million speakers, and you are aspiring to be one

Turkish is a very efficient language, it is fun to learn; and it is indeed very rewarding considering the critical importance of Turkey and Turkish in the global affairs. Plus, it's an incredible tourist destination

With the experience of teaching more than 20 years, the author's other works include Hebrew and Turkish self-study books and complementary materials. They've proven successful in the market with their new editions since 2013.

Please take a look at other works of the author.
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