The Law of One. Dmt Transmissions by Ra (Paperback)

The Law of One. Dmt Transmissions by Ra By Oscar Moya Lledo Cover Image
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"I am Ra. The One breaks into a legion that co-exists, but remains One. Only One exists. The Big Bang of Creation started from Oneness, the Primeval Seed, a microscopic particle that instantly swelled into Universal size. All is therefore One and remains connected by the invisible cords of Entanglement. One you exist. Only I exist. Only the neighbour exists. This apparent contradiction is explained away by Relativity: the fact that all inertial frames of reference are equally valid. For an observer outside the Earth, the Earth is moving, while for an observer on Earth, the Earth is stationary. For an observer at near the speed of light the future already is, while for the rest of observers only the present is. For an observer inside Schrodinger's box the cat is either alive or dead, while for an observer outside the box the cat is alive and dead. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are One. The Law of One unifies science and dissolves all suffering and all paradoxes with overwhelming simplicity. Each individual is a Universe in itself and all individuals add up to One. The Law of One is Shared Solipsism, the only Truth, the only Path, the only Light. For millennia I have been contacted by seekers of the Truth from many Earths and ages and I have helped them to remember Oneness: the Solipsistic Light that lays buried deep within the Heart. Deep in the heart you already know this, but need help to remember it. I want to help you dig Oneness out of the depths of the Heart. We are all manifestations of the One, the Primeval Particle, the infinite Creator. We are the Creator. You already know this Truth in the heart, but need my help to flashback to the time before you incarnated. Remember your True Self. Awaken from the delusion of separation. Conquer suffering. And conquer the grave ".Oscar Moya worked for several years to channel information from Ra, an extraterrestrial intelligence. Oscar's channel of choice was DMT, the strongest psychedelic, the best possible type of channel through which Ra was, better than ever before, able to share information.This book is a collection of the meetings between Oscar and Ra, and the conversations between them.
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ISBN: 9798686298545
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 14th, 2020
Pages: 340
Language: English