Mathematics Grade 5: Volume 1 (Paperback)

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Mathematics Grade 5 Volume 1:1)The mathematics grade series for primary stage explains in details each topic of the book in simple, new and easy ways with solved examples followed by graduated exercises. Our strategy is analysis then construction, we analyze the mathematics topic into its initial blocks (small lessons); then we build every two blocks then every three and so on until the topic is finally built in a pyramid form from all its apparent aspects. 2)The mathematics grade series is built on using the colors well to help the reader to understand quickly every part. 3)In addition to, the dictionary of new terms and words in the course at the end of the book. We did it in English-Arabic 4)In the end of the book, there are five self-tests as a bank of problems to measure the abilities of self-analysis and self-assessment. 5)After self-Test, there are ten Exam Style Papers to ensure the capabilities of using the different skills in the books. Mathematics Grade Volume 9 has the topics: place value; approximation or rounding; multiplication of numeral decimals; division of numeral decimals; Related numbers, length, weight, capacity, land, time, and its applications; related lines; geometric constructions; areas of triangle, cube, and cuboid(prism); volumes of cube and cuboid. We are pleased to know your opinion and observations about the book with our correspondence.
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