The God Power Equation: What Can Science Now Say About God? (Paperback)

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I developed the God Power Equation in 2023. I initially used E=mc 2 as the main building block of the equation. However, I got critics who said that that was not Einstein's full equation. It was explained that E=mc 2 didn't always work in all circumstances in the universe. But, Einstein's full equation did always work.
So, I worked with the full equation and was baffled for a little while. But, I eventually figured it out. I just needed to introduce another equation into the mix to get a more extended equation involving mass and power. This new equation I dubbed The God Power Equation.
This equation is rooted in correct equations from physics that always work. So, the resulting equation involving power, mass, time, and velocity always works in our universe. This fact allows me to say that this equation proves that a god of zero mass necessarily has zero power, not infinite power as claimed by religion.
Thus, science has now encroached on religion's hallowed ground and debunked it.
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