The Mistaken Prince (Paperback)

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As a devoted, if somewhat sardonic, handmaid to a young princess, Emera is accustomed to temper tantrums and flung objects aimed at her head and it hardly bothers her. But when the one thing she values above all others is tossed out a window, that viewpoint abruptly changes. And as she attempts to retrieve her bauble from the pond it sank into, so does everything else.

Like his sister, fun-loving, self-absorbed Prince Idan is used to having his way, and he did NOT ask be whisked right of his body and shoved inside the next available one: a frog's. No one seems to notice him - until a maid he had never given much thought to before shows up trying to find her golden ball. However, as she unknowingly transfers him to a cat with a simple kiss, he's paying attention now.

The unlikely team is drawn deeper into a madman's net as Emera, framed for killing the princess, becomes a fugitive running for both their lives. Breaking Idan's curse seems to be a reality slipping progressively further away since Raylek, wearing Idan's own body, has more devastating plans in mind now that he's a prince.

BOOKLIFE: "Marrow conjures up a mid-sized fantasy epic that weaves a convincing spell in its smaller, quieter moments, and is sure to entertain genre readers."
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ISBN: 9798223861119
Publisher: Sage Marrow
Publication Date: October 13th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English