The Heart is Not Enough: Habits of Educators Who Care for Modern Kids (Paperback)

The Heart is Not Enough: Habits of Educators Who Care for Modern Kids By Shirley A. Preyan Cover Image
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The Heart is Not Enough provides readers with habits and skills to prevent the emotional burnout caused by learning how to care for kids in our modern society. This book is for educators who are certain that they care for kids but have some challenges working through difficult moments with students that they deeply care for. Lacking the skills to combat the emotional burdens of these scenarios is eroding their love for education, and they want to fix that.

Shirley Preyan shares relatable stories from her eleven years of experience in education serving in roles varying from unlicensed GED teacher to school co-founder. "I wasn't ready for so many of the kids I had to serve, and it eats at my heart everyday. Let me fix that for you." She shares the embarrassing failures and lessons gleaned from her work with students in hopes to support you on your own journey in education. Shirley Preyan defines the complexity of care caused by our emotional evolution as a society and its impact on education.This book is written to help readers maintain their love for education despite all of the political chatter by learning to combine heart and habits.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218066703
Publisher: Shirley Preyan
Publication Date: October 13th, 2022
Pages: 164
Language: English