Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption (Paperback)

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Reading this book—confronting Bryan Stevenson’s humility, generosity, kindness, diligence, and wisdom—is the closest I’ve come recently to glimpsing the cheek of god. 


— Sarah

If you are angry, you need peace. Read this. If you are not angry, you should be. Read this.


— Carly

Bryan Stevenson invites on us on this journey to turn our idea of our perceived meritocratic society on its head by asking us the question, Can we imagine a world where each of us has the opportunity to be defined by more than the worst thing we've ever done, where redemption (not without accountability) is truly possible? Each of us will leave a fraught legacy. What does it look like to extend the grace to others we would most certainly appreciate for ourselves? Yikes! This book is heavy from beginning to end. From drawing us into the depths of the epidemic of mass incarceration, "The New Jim Crow," as Michelle Alexander refers to it, and exposing our nation's deeply rooted problems of racism and police brutality, to causing us to grapple with our own humanity as we see it reflected back to us in everyone from the inmates, both guilty and not, to the powers that be, actively handing out and passively complicit in oppression and injustice, to Bryan as both fearless hero, and unmistakably human human. Heavy, but important. Oh, so important.

— Genay

November 2014 Indie Next List

“The history of incarceration in America is deeply colored by our history of racism and poverty. Stevenson's work providing legal aid to death row inmates exposes truly inhumane, unjust practices and astonishing legal carelessness often fueled by outright prejudice. Just Mercy does not stop at reportage, but examines the costs to the individual, the family, the community, and society at large of these practices. This is a powerful book about one man's efforts to address injustice and a clarion call for reform not just for those imprisoned, but for a society that has lost its way.”
— Sheryl Cotleur, Copperfield's Books, Sebastopol, CA

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ISBN: 9789863443483
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Publisher: Mai Tian/Tsai Fong Books
Publication Date: June 4th, 2016
Pages: 432
Language: Chinese