Science, Politics, Stem Cells and Genes: California's War on Chronic Disease (Hardcover)

Science, Politics, Stem Cells and Genes: California's War on Chronic Disease By Don C. Reed Cover Image
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Is there a way to fight back against 'incurable' disease? California thought so -- and put its money where its mind was -- three billion dollars' worth And when that was gone, how about five and a half billion dollars more -- to build and expand the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine?For some, science excites; it is the great adventure, to challenge the impossible: like a real-life battle with a giant squid, or the proposed disassembly of the Eiffel Tower, or ejecting from a jet in the sky, from a height greater than Mount Everest.For others, regenerative medicine is a mystery -- could the urge to do murder have a genetic cause -- which might be reduced?And for everyone, there is the fight to protect our loved ones' lives-- 133 million of us, suffering from chronic disease -- from America alone, a colossal cost of $3 trillion dollars last year.An epic battle, 'Science, Politics, Stem Cells and Genes: CALIFORNIA'S WAR ON CHRONIC DISEASE' takes the reader behind the scenes.An award-winning teacher, Reed shares science in stories -- including the systematic assault on Alzheimer's disease, cancer, autism, epilepsy, liver failure, schizophrenia, obesity, stroke, sickle cell, arthritis, blindness, paralysis, kidney failure, ALS, aging, and much, much more.Readers can expect a greater understanding of the intricate adventure of stem cell research, as well as the political wrestling it took to make progress possible -- that California's effort may benefit the world.From early research to clinical trials, America should take pride in the accomplishments of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.Read on.
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ISBN: 9789811261411
ISBN-10: 9811261415
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: April 25th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English