Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation-Analysis (Paperback)

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The abnormal growth of the cells in the brain region leads to the

formation of tumors. At present, the treatments for brain tumors are radiation

and surgery which are suggested by physicians. Radiation treatment slows down

the spreading capability of tumors in other brain regions and slowly kills the

affected brain cells. Surgery removes the affected brain cells in the brain and

through this, the spreading to other regions in the brain is prevented. For the case

of proper surgery, the location identification of the abnormal cells in the brain

region is important. If it is not properly and completely removed from the brain,

then few affected cells skipped from the surgery affect the other cells in the

brain. Brain tumors are classified into either benign or malignant based on

their capability of spreading. The benign are abnormal tissues that are not

spreading to nearby tissues and they can be cured by proper medication suggested

by the physician. Malignant is an also abnormal tissue that spreads or affects

the nearby tissues and it can be cured by medication. The only solution is to

remove these affected tumor regions through proper surgery by a physician. The

affected malignant tumor cells region is manually detected by a physician or

radiologist in the conventional method. This is a time-consuming and error-probe

methodology due to manual intervention. This limitation is overcome by

proposing the computer-aided automatic approach for brain tumor image


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