Issues of Environment and Ethics and Perspectives in Environmental Philosophy (Paperback)

Issues of Environment and Ethics and Perspectives in Environmental Philosophy By Shumye Getu Gelaw Cover Image
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HISTORICAL ROOTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL DISORDER Introduction Historically, ethics in the west emphasizes humanism and always inclined to human individual wellbeing and comfort. In this regard, reason and empathy in the environmental discourse of academic circle and theological dogmas and teachings undoubtedly graced certain special moral privileges for humans. In this reverence, the individualistic perspective of western ethics has brought the demise of great human anguish resulted from destruction of nature. The western individualism continued shaping the moral and political reason and as a ground rule for the respect of basic human, political and moral rights of the individuals, societies and group of people of a certain identity. As a result, blacks, women, children, and other minority members of various communities in the society of the liberal thought, mostly in different parts of the world have acquired recognition of their equality through the intellectual effort which produced a humanist moral culture through the long traditions of philosophical, socio-cultural and political expedition of humans. This obvious success of respecting the moral dignity of different minority groups of human race is due to the human centered moral reasoning and empathy. However, moral empathy and reasoning other than the human race remain elusive and absurd as positions of environmental debate by traditional moral truth anticipated by philosophers and scholars from different discipline is a pollution by romanticism, uninformed, insensitive, unscrupulous moral truth which still worth blinded emotion towards humanism, unanalyzed ethical claims, wishful thinking and moral rhetoric dominated by a typical of moral extremism and fascism that boldly favors only one race or species called human. Therefore, through time the alienation of non-human environment from the moral universe has happened. This leads in to the claim that the corrosion of environmental order and individual.

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