Fungal Genomics (Mycota #13) (Paperback)

Fungal Genomics (Mycota #13) By Minou Nowrousian (Editor) Cover Image
By Minou Nowrousian (Editor)
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Genome sequences and beyond

1 Yeast as a model for systems biology studies on complex diseases Juan I. Castrillo

Steve G. Oliver

2 Genomics to study basal lineage fungal biology: phylogenomics suggest a common origin

Kerstin Voigt and Ekaterina Shelest

3 Phylogenomics to study fungal biology

Toni Gabaldon

4 Genome data drives change at culture collections

Kevin McCluskey, Aric Wiest and Kyria Boundy-Mills

Cell and developmental biology

5 Fungal chromatin and its role in regulation of gene expression

Michael Freitag

6 Photobiology and circadian clocks in Neurospora

Jennifer Loros

Jay Dunlap, Kevin Fuller and Jennifer Hurley

7 Genomics and transcriptomics to analyze fruiting body development

Minou Nowrousian

Genomics for biotechnology

8 Degradation and modification of plant biomass by fungi

Ronald P. de Vries, Mia R. M kel and Kristiina S. Hilden

9 Transcriptomics of industrial filamentous fungi: a new view on regulation, physiology and application

Vera Meyer and Benjamin Nitsche

10 Genomics analysis of biocontrol species and industrial enzyme producers from the genus Trichoderma

Christian Kubicek, Monika Schmoll, Bernhard Seiboth and Irina Druzhinina


11 Application of genomics to the study of pathogenicity and development in Fusarium Frances Trail

Donald Gardiner

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