An N = Anum and Related Lists: God Lists of Ancient Mesopotamia, Volume I (Hardcover)

An N = Anum and Related Lists: God Lists of Ancient Mesopotamia, Volume I By Wg Lambert, Ryan D. Winters, Andrew George (Editor) Cover Image
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This volume is the first in a planned edition of the complete corpus of ancient Mesopotamian god lists. It contains the lists "An = Anum" (including its forerunners) and "An = Anu sa ameli" along with several similar, more-or-less fragmentary lists. The god list An = Anum was, with its ca. 2000 entries, the most comprehensive list of its kind. It is systematically organized and contains explanations both of individual deities and of certain groups of deities. The textual witnesses also provide, to a varying degree, pronunciation and translation glosses. In this edition each list is presented as a composite reconstructed text with translation, critical apparatus, and synoptic table of the textual witnesses, followed in each case by a philological commentary. In addition, the textual witnesses are transliterated individually. Names, words, and glosses are made accessible through detailed indexes. Handcopies or photographs of previously unpublished sources conclude the volume.
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ISBN: 9783161613821
ISBN-10: 3161613821
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 768
Language: English