Uav Aircraft Logbook: A Technical Logbook for Professional and Serious Hobbyist Drone Operators - Log Your Drone Use Like a Pro! (Paperback)

Uav Aircraft Logbook: A Technical Logbook for Professional and Serious Hobbyist Drone Operators - Log Your Drone Use Like a Pro! By Michael L. Rampey Cover Image
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Every aircraft requires its own log, and the UAV Aircraft Logbook was designed to meet that need for UAV owners/operators. This Parhelion Aerospace product is the only dedicated UAV aircraft logbook available today.

A companion to our UAV Pilot Logbook, the UAV Aircraft Logbook records flight, equipment and maintenance data for a single aircraft in order to keep abreast of its use and technical status no matter how many different pilots fly it. These factors could be of great importance in determining the safety of your flight operations, as well as your UAV's insurance and resale values.

The UAV Aircraft Logbook is organized as a daily log. On the inside you will find:

- Part 1: Aircraft and Equipment Data; a section for aircraft and owner identification, power source, imagery and other equipment data, and a master preflight inspection checklist (to be filled out in accordance with your owner's manual directions).

- Part 2: Aircraft Daily Log; a section that includes instructions for filling out the log pages (with an example page), and the actual daily log pages that constitute the main portion of the book. Spaces for flight data (e.g. crew names, compass calibrations performed, battery voltages / cycles, locations, times, durations, distances and heights flown) as well as technical data (e.g. discrepancies, incidents and technical problems discovered before or during a flight and the results of any corrective actions taken) for four flights per day are presented on each page. If more than four flights are accomplished on a given day then the person filling out the book simply continues on the next daily log page, using the same flight date. Flight and tech data occupy the even-numbered pages. Notes about the flights, to include sensors used and results gained, occupy the odd-numbered pages. Since these face each other when the book is open you see the entire record of a given day's flights at a glance. There is a space provided for the owner/mechanic/pilot to sign, stating that the aircraft is mechanically sound to fly.

- Part 3: Additional Maintenance Actions Log; a section that permits you to record planned maintenance, upgrades, firmware updates and calibrations (other than compass calibrations, which ought to be done as part of the daily preflight checks).

The size of the book is convenient for carrying during flight operations. The hardcover version provides valuable durability. For those who wish to record technical data as part of their pilot log (e.g. single aircraft owner/pilots), this book doubles nicely as an amplified pilot logbook.

Bottom line: using the UAV Aircraft Logbook makes it easy to demonstrate that your aircraft is being maintained in a professional manner that reflects well upon your flying program.

We at Parhelion Aerospace are doing our best to bring you practical and useful UAV logbooks.

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Publication Date: January 23rd, 2017
Pages: 156
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