The Wrong Girl (Paperback)

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A 15-year-old girl is hiding from her biological father in an exclusive boarding school for difficult girls in New Zealand. She and her mother changed their names and hair, but they live with their getaway bags packed. When another girl at the school is found in a coma, the question has to be asked; did the father poison the wrong girl by mistake?

What if someone has gender dysphoria but doesn't want to be defined as a T in LGBTQ? In a world split into those who cling to the belief that there are only two genders and those who insist you speak your truth and live by it, some people just want to be left alone to get on with the business of being themselves: female body, Y chromosome and an aversion to fitting into well-defined boxes.

Zero Zimmerman is a female police officer assigned to the case because "it's not a real murder," and even the police can be chauvinistic at times. She's a human lie detector, which helps her at work, but not in her private life. Her older sister is in jail, and Zero's parents secretly blame the wrong daughter.

About the Author

Yvonne Eve Walus is a Doctor of Mathematics, business analyst, wife, mother and novelist. Until the age of 12, Yvonne grew up in communist Poland, which taught her to value uniformity and enjoy public transit before moving to South Africa for the next 16 years. She now resides in New Zealand with her husband and children.
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ISBN: 9781990066306
ISBN-10: 1990066305
Publisher: Sands Press
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 267
Language: English