His Sky, Her Shyne: A New York Takeover 2 (Paperback)

His Sky, Her Shyne: A New York Takeover 2 By Tisha Andrews Cover Image
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In this finale where evil seems to prevail, Sky, the feisty and dangerous Miami beauty, is finally prepared to reveal her dark and ugly past to Shyne, only to cross paths with an enemy who can't seem to let her go. Shyne, after devising a plan to prove his unconditional love to Sky, discovers that Mulan, his beautiful and breathtaking partner, is also in harm's way. To make matters worse, both women may now be forced to become allies or risk not getting out alive.Chello, who swore off love, instead marrying the streets of Miami, takes New York by storm as he joins forces with Shyne to get them both back safely. The only problem is his own drug empire is under attack and it might be from the inside.Shona, a former member of Chello's crew, is living a quiet and normal life under the guise as a hairdresser. Although boring, the life she has chosen is safe and comes with no drama. That is until Chello brings her out of retirement to do what she does best: target and get their mark.Chico, now married and retired from the game, follows Chello in his time of need to New York. While he loves his wife, Myriah, he battles with all the feelings he has for Shona once they reconnect. With enemies on every side, they all are faced with uncertainties that may leave them lonely and alone or worse, dead.Find out in this action-packed, drama-filled love story where no one is safe and friends may be foes as they take over the streets of New York.
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ISBN: 9781985717428
ISBN-10: 1985717425
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 19th, 2018
Pages: 358
Language: English