Sugar Babies...A Titillating Tale (Paperback)

Sugar Babies...A Titillating Tale By Joy Deja King Cover Image
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Paige's privileged life ends abruptly, when her well to do parents cut her off financially after she drops out of school and refuses to move back home. Unwilling to get a job or struggle for cash, Paige decides finding a man to sponsor her lavish lifestyle is her best option.
Crimson has been in a toxic relationship with her sadistic boyfriend for far too long. Not only does he pimp her out, but he's physically abusive. So, when she's presented with an opportunity to get from under his tight grasp, she takes it and never looks back.
Lydia has always put her academics first, but when she loses her scholarship, she decides to follow Paige, and get her own sponsor to pay her tuition and other expenses. But soon she becomes addicted to the fast life and easy money, making school an afterthought.
Paige, Crimson and Lydia come from different walks of life, but share a common goal; they are sugar babies in search of the highest bidder.

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ISBN: 9781958834985
ISBN-10: 195883498X
Publisher: King Productions
Publication Date: June 29th, 2022
Pages: 108
Language: English