Fifty Feet Down (Paperback)

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In the years since its foundation, the town of West Rutland has been known for one thing only: marble.

Marble houses, marble art, marble people. They were first and foremost a marble town, historically mining from deep, hundred feet quarries scattered in the woods.

Production was stopped long ago when thirteen workers were killed in an accident in the 1900s, a taint of death lingering over the heart and soul of the town. Today, it becomes known for something else, something darker.

Four disappearances in the past month, all high school boys yet to be found. That's all Alex knows when her boss ships her from New York City to Vermont to get the story. That, and the only family member she has left is waiting there, unaware of her existence.

But instead of answers, she only finds more questions in the form of Luna, who, despite working at the local sculpture garden, avoids the topic of marble quarries like the plague, mourning a ghost that no one in town will speak a word about. The last thing Alex wants is a distraction, but that's all Luna needs, and together they unravel each other's secrets one by one, searching for ways in which they might be intertwined. And through it all the quarries wait, where Alex finds Luna on more than one occasion, crumpled on her knees at the edge, staring down into fifty feet of haunted water.

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ISBN: 9781956037241
ISBN-10: 1956037241
Publisher: Hansen House
Publication Date: September 15th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English