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As soon as you hear their name, you know them. The raw sexuality in Mick Jagger's voice, the ramshackle immediacy of Keith Richards riffs, and the understated, but always perfect, rhythm section all create the inimitable signature sound of the Rolling Stones. In their prime, the original bad boys of rock were seemingly always in trouble for some form of sex or drug-related antics. They played a crucial role in the culture of the 1960s, playing devil's advocate to the cleaner image of their friendly British rivals, the Beatles. The Rolling Stones embodied rock both in sound and image, launching countless imitators and writing some of the most unforgettable rock tunes along the way.

Today, the Rolling Stones are renowned for their longevity. With 52 years between their first album and their latest, this group of London lads is now a respected institution. However, what is often forgotten in their notoriety is the sheer quality of their music. The string of albums they put together, from Aftermath in 1965 to Exile on Main Street in 1972, is as good as those produced by any other artist in history. Possibly better Though they never recovered the musical majesty of their prime, the Stones haven't released a stinker in five decades of recording.

In sum, the Rolling Stones have presented an irresistible combination of quality and iconic imagery for over half a century. To know the Stones is to know the history and imagery of rock n' roll.

So, how much do you know about their unique journey from rebellious blues-loving lads to respectable multi-millionaires? Only one way to find out. Get your book today

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