3rd Opinion on Prostate Cancer: The Screenplay (Paperback)

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The minute that your urologist tells you that your biopsy is positive for prostate cancer, don't panic.

I have been there and that is why this book is written.

Here are ten facts:

1. Identifying cancerous cells in a biopsy of prostate gland is more difficult than identifying any other cancerous cells in biopsies of any other organs.

2. Laboratories often make mistakes, especially the laboratory that determined I had prostate cancer when I really did not.

3. Elevated PSA and MRI scanning is not accurate to determine prostate cancer, especially if you have an infection that elevates PSA.

4. If you ask your physician that you need to get a second opinion, s/he would refer you to urologists in his/her circle, locally. More than likely, the second opinion will confirm the first opinion of the primary physician.

5. In any surgery, especially prostate cancer surgery, you need to get additional two opinions, and the third one must be out of the state that you reside.

6. Believe it or not, a certain number of surgeons that remove prostate glands do this as a business to make money but careless about your health.

7. After the surgery, you will never know if your prostate was or was not really cancerous. Why? Because the gland is sent to the laboratory to determine that. But if the results are negative, it is too late. The system is rigged.

8. Even if you have prostate cancer, you need to get three (3) opinions as to the procedure. Don't settle for less.

9. Interview both urologist and the surgeon if all three (3) opinions are confirming you have prostate cancer.

10. It is your body and your prostate, read this book before making a drastic decision.

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