Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2023 (Paperback)

Stories Through The Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2023 By Henry E. Peavler, Dan Peavler Cover Image
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Autumn Leaves Falling by J. R. Reynolds: A story of two brothers with a very special bond that will melt the coldest of hearts.

Heading Home-A Prisoner of War at Christmas by Robert Robeson: An account of a Vietnam veteran returning from that unpopular war to find protesters in the airport on his arrival.

Drawknife by Bill Weatherford: A story about a boy's relationship with his grandfather.

The Faller by Brad Bennett: A horrible event in World War II has unforeseen repercussions for many people through the years.

The Good Things Consignment Shop by Jeannette M. Bond: Old and new clients often get a lot more than they bargained for as the shop owner looks for opportunities to ply her matchmaking skills.

The Reunion by Raymond Brunt: A man has avoided going to a high school reunion for decades. He chooses this reunion to attend and discovers what he has missed.

Beholden to the Sea by JD Clapp: Two men are winding down a fishing trip in the open waters of the Pacific. Suddenly the boat is destroyed as it crashes into an unseen obstacle.

Drums of War and of Memory Eighty years on from World War II by Sarah Elizabeth Das Gupta: A memoir of a childhood in the Surrey countryside in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

The Password by Edward E. Douglas: World War II...Germany. A young boy, and his grandfather, are part of the resistance. This is an exciting story full of suspense and intrigue .

The Men in the Dunes by Ellen Herbert: It's 1967 and a young girl joins a military family on their beach excursion near Camp LeJeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Blank Page by George Koyl: Bill Morris receives a letter that contains a blank sheet of paper. A mystery that only one person can unravel. The journey to the surprise ending is full of suspense and anticipation.

Lunch at the Sad Cafeteria by Michail Mulvey: A second-grade classroom three days before Christmas vacation, 1955. Michael, is battling his arch-enemy, a fellow classmate named Margaret. Despite their hatred for each other, the two share a common hatred for their teacher, Miss Cronin.

Hamburger Girl by Patti Ann Pecina: A heart-warming story about an episode revolving around drive-in movie night. It is 1967, and despite the title the story really hinges on a fish sandwich gone horribly wrong.

Dirge By Susan M. Pomerantz: A tragedy seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old girl. Our heroine, Kendra, is both a realist and a romantic who reads more than her mother thinks proper. She is forced to help her father with the other children as her mother's health deteriorates.

Killer at Kozy Kove Kampground by Thom Schilling: A mystery unfolds as the family leaves for a vacation across the southeastern United States. A wonderful story of intrigue and misadventure that leaves you laughing and shaking your head at the same time.

The Way it Had to Be by Bill Smoot: It is 1962. Danny is a reporter at a newspaper when a black man is shot by a policeman. The policeman's story is thin, and Danny tries to rally the paper with the few who are seeking justice.

Grace by Elizabeth Taylor-Mead: Astory about a strong-willed woman narrated through the eyes of her granddaughter. Living poor but happy in "one of the more respectable parts of Brooklyn, New York." Our interest is kept throughout the story.

The Last Word by Cheryl Velasquez: The siblings gather as the last few hours of their father's life unfolds. Many stories are shared...some funny, some poignant and some surprising.

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Publication Date: September 4th, 2023
Pages: 304
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