Redstone Handbook for Minecraft: Learn to Create Awesome Redstone Devices (Unofficial) (Hardcover)

Redstone Handbook for Minecraft: Learn to Create Awesome Redstone Devices (Unofficial) By Blockboy Cover Image
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Learn to Create AWESOME Redstone Devices

A very unique element of Minecraft is Redstone and the various opportunities for mechanics that it offers. Messing about with these circuits is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding. People have built amazingly complex electronic circuits using Redstone. However while every thing is easy to get into, to advance and understand some of the more complex circuits can be a little daunting for someone who does not have some background knowledge.

This guide will remedy that. Through this guide you will be able to understand the ins and outs of Redstone circuits with the least amount of electronic mumbo jumbo. It is written with the average Minecraft gamer in mind, but includes advanced concepts and some helpful in game implementations like automated farms that will make the game play more fun.

So whether you are just a casual player looking to make your first redstone circuit based arrow trap, or a hardcore techie aspiring to make a huge redstone based adder, we are certain you will find this guide a fun and informative companion through the long days spent designing redstone contraptions in the enchanting world of Minecraft.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781951355432
ISBN-10: 1951355431
Publisher: Computer Game Books
Publication Date: August 15th, 2019
Pages: 72
Language: English