The Seer's Secret (Hardcover)

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A failing warrior.

A prince in pain.

A city in the mountain where they and their loved ones hide from Solevar's curse.

But this reality will soon shatter. For among the cursed ashes of Solevar, a Seer has been found.

Eirin, the king's favored warrior-in-training, is going to fail her combat test. She knows this, as does everyone around her. This comes as no surprise, though. Eirin never understood why the king chose to train her alongside the Walled City's most promising fighters. She's always been too slow, too weak, never enough for what a true Sgaeth is meant to be. And now that it's nearly over, she dreams only of returning to the home where she's loved and she belongs.

For years, Drystan, the king's Heir, chosen for his strength and prowess in combat, has watched Eirin fight only to fall again and again. And though he's only the king's Heir, his patience with the situation grows thin. Anyone can see that Eirin was never meant to be a Sgaeth, but the king refuses to listen. As if his worry over Eirin's safety isn't enough, the ever-present pain in Drystan's chest is reaching nearly crippling levels. If he can't get it under control, his suffering will soon begin to affect those he should be keeping safe.

Both Eirin and Drystan's plans and ambitions are brought to a halt, however, when just before Eirin's combat trial, the Walled City is attacked by an army of monstrous shifters. And Eirin and Drystan hear a word uttered that changes the course of the battle and their lives.


Upon hearing mention of this word, the king sends Eirin, Drystan, and a small party of companions out of the Walled City, out of the mountain, into the ancient, dying land of Solevar. There, he promises, they will find the answers they've been seeking. But no matter what happens, Drystan must protect Eirin at all costs. The Walled City's survival depends on it.

As they make their way into the dangerous world of the Atharrach shifters, far from the safety of their city's walls, Drystan and Eirin begin to see that perhaps the world is not exactly as they've been told. Even more importantly, though, they learn world-altering secrets about their own selves. And if they can't learn to embrace their true natures...and trust one another along the way, the world as they know it might fall.

The Seer's Secret is the first in the Legacy of the Time Stones Trilogy, a world with magic, myth, and mystery. Read Seer's Secret today to embark on the journey to the Time Stones...before it's too late.

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ISBN: 9781949710113
ISBN-10: 1949710114
Publisher: Brittany Fichter
Publication Date: December 9th, 2021
Pages: 512
Language: English