The Bailey Triplets and The Lying Lesson (Hardcover)

The Bailey Triplets and The Lying Lesson Cover Image
By Pamela Bell, Penny Weber (Illustrator)
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It is summer vacation and the triplets are playing outside in their treehouse that overlooks their parent's fruit and vegetable garden. Their mother calls them to see all the blueberries popping out, which are not quite ripe enough for eating yet. When she leaves with her wheelbarrow, the triplets eat unripe berries and the consequences are bad, leading them to tell their first lie which leads to many more, because "once you tell one lie, you're cursed and it gets worse". They wind up telling nine lies, until they finally decide to tell the truth to save their pet chipmunks from being trapped who their father believes ate all of the blueberries since "only chipmunks leave nothing on the stem". They empty their piggy banks and gather all of their hidden evidence and offer it to their parents with a confession to save the chipmunks, take their punishment and learn the importance of telling the truth.
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ISBN: 9781948984102
ISBN-10: 1948984105
Publisher: Bailey Triplets
Publication Date: May 15th, 2020
Pages: 40
Language: English