Invasion (Blood on the Stars #9) (Paperback)

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Description none that has come before. The Hegemony has launched the invasion Tyler Barron and his Confederation comrades have feared, and all the Rim is ablaze with the fires of war and destruction. The Hegemony has brought its vast fleets, its advanced technology, and its endless legions of grim cyborg warriors to impose its system of rigid genetic hierarchy over all humanity on the Rim. The Confederation fleet is outnumbered and outmatched, but they will fight nevertheless, struggling and dying to hold back the onslaught any way they can, even as the Marines they leave behind dig in and prepare to defend worlds swallowed up by the advancing battle lines. Barron and his people will fight, they will fight like demons unleashed, and Jake 'Raptor' Stockton will lead his wings of strikefighters in one desperate attack after another into the teeth of the enemy armada, but time is running out...even as the enemy pushes relentlessly toward the Confederation's Core and final victory.
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ISBN: 9781946451101
ISBN-10: 194645110X
Publisher: Jay Allan Books
Publication Date: September 24th, 2018
Pages: 492
Language: English
Series: Blood on the Stars