Fantastic Flexagons: Hexaflexagons and Other Flexible Folds to Twist and Turn (Paperback)

Fantastic Flexagons: Hexaflexagons and Other Flexible Folds to Twist and Turn By Nick Robinson Cover Image
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Are you ready to flip out? Hexaflexagons are six-sided, flat paper models that can be made to reveal hidden images through a series of flexes and folds. Flexagons were first introduced in a column written by Martin Gardner for Scientific American. From there, people started folding and figuring out creative ways to craft these interesting origami-like objects.

Included in this delightful book are instructions and material to create hexaflexagons, tri-tetra flexagons, cubes, flexacubes, and more! Flexing kaleidocycles are shapes formed by taking several tetrahedra (four-sided 3D shapes) and joining their edges to form a ring, which can then be rotated so that it turns inside out to display a multitude different colors, shapes, and designs!

This book contains:
• A brief introduction on the history of hexaflexagons
• Instructions on how to make 13 different fun flexagon models
• 40 pages of easy tear-out pages with pieces to assemble your hexaflexagons

People are still discovering new ways to innovate with these enjoyable creations—so with some study and practice, you may be able to come up with a unique design and enter the pages of flexagon history! All you need to do is to cut out and assemble the various models in this book to create the most intriguing and entertaining designs available. Start folding your flexagons now!

About the Author

Nick Robinson is an internationally acclaimed creator and illustrator in the field of paper-folding (origami). He has long been fascinated with flexing toys and he uses all his graphic skills to make assembly as easy as possible. He lives in Norton Lees, Sheffield, United Kingdom
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ISBN: 9781944686109
ISBN-10: 194468610X
Publisher: Racehorse for Young Readers
Publication Date: April 4th, 2017
Pages: 96
Language: English