Baghdad at the Centre of a World, 8th-13th Century: An Introductory Textbook (Paperback)

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The city of Baghdad during the 8th to 13th centuries CE was one of the most important centres of cultural production in human history. A melting pot of languages, religions, and ethnicities, it produced thinkers and artists whose impact on the sciences, literatures, and cultures of the world is still felt today. From cutting-edge medical discoveries to the creation of musical and literary styles that would transform the tastes of Europe-civilization would not look the same today without the influence of medieval Baghdad. This revolutionary new textbook offers chapters from an internationally respected team of scholars conducting groundbreaking research on the city. It provides teachers with reliable and engaging material with which to introduce the dynamic medieval city of Baghdad to their students. Baghdad at the Centre of a World features the following topics and contributors: Baghdad: The Metropolis - Jens Scheiner; Daily Life in Baghdad - Michael Cooperson; The Caliph - Hayrettin Y cesoy; An Introduction to Islam - Mustafa Baig; A Caliphal Inquisition - John Nawas; Non-Muslims in Baghdad and Beyond - Paul L. Heck; Slavery in the Ancient and Medieval World - Karen Moukheiber; Slave Soldiers in Baghdad - Hugh Kennedy; Enslaved and Free Women in the Royal Court - Maryam Alkandari; Some Women of Power Before the Abbasid Period - Maryam Alkandari; Knowledge and Learning in Baghdad - Sebastian G nther; Arabic Grammar and Grammarians in Baghdad - Monique Bernards; Medicine and Philosophy in Baghdad - Peter Adamson; Musical Performances in Baghdad - Dwight Reynolds; Women Musicians and Poets Before the Abbasid Period - Karen Moukheiber; Three Women Musicians and Poetesses of the Abbasid Period - Karen Moukheiber; Literature, Poetry, and Party-Crashing - Emily Selove; The Book of Kalila and Dimna: Talking Animal Stories and Advice for Rulers - Istv n T. Krist -Nagy; Baghdad and Europe - Alex Mallett.
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