Invisible: The Sino-Russian War to Bring Down America (Paperback)

Invisible: The Sino-Russian War to Bring Down America By G. L. Lamborn Cover Image
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Russia and China would like nothing better than to see the United States humiliated and put down, degraded and dishonored, fatally weakened, and ultimately rendered of no consequence. They want a world that is theirs to shape as they please. They have launched a quiet, subtle attack against us from many directions.The Sino-Russian goal is to promote an increasingly divided, discordant, and unstable America. Achieving technological superiority and financial power are of great interest to Beijing. Russia's focus is on manipulating America's internal political affairs and ultimately impacting U.S. foreign policy.In Invisible: The Sino-Russian War to Bring Down America, we will review the historical and cultural roots of Russian and Chinese hostility and the reasons motivating them to conduct a relentless, silent war on the West. We will examine current Chinese political-military doctrine, and look at Moscow's ability to find cracks and weak spots in our society. Taken together, all of the pieces constitute a protracted, persistent strategy that has one goal: destabilizing the United States from within. Citizens and political leaders must take heed of the invisible war in which we are unwillingly engaged, and decide upon appropriate measures while there is still time.
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ISBN: 9781942923558
ISBN-10: 1942923554
Publisher: White Hart Publications
Publication Date: March 31st, 2022
Pages: 150
Language: English