What Is Happy Science?: Best Selection of Ryuho Okawa's Early Lectures Volume 1 (Paperback)

What Is Happy Science?: Best Selection of Ryuho Okawa's Early Lectures Volume 1 By Ryuho Okawa Cover Image
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Filled with timeless wisdom to improve our characters and souls. Ryuho Okawa's passion and dedication to the Truth found in every chapter of this book will certainly move you to shift your way of thinking to lead a more constructive life. Starting from macro-perspective topics which detail the rise and fall of ancient Truth-abiding civilizations pre-dating 3,000 B.C., the prevailing theme is revealed through the lives of Jesus' brother souls, all of whom essentially carried the same universal mission of bringing universal happiness throughout different regions and eras. Yet, despite this, the recipient people's lack of knowledge and understanding, along with self-serving egos, always resulted in persecution. Are we going to repeat this historical pattern? This is followed by topics focused on individual happiness and how to improve our quality of life by putting the Four Principles of Happiness of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress into action. Contents: - Tracing the Development of Truth-Civilizations - What Is Happy Science? - The Discovery of Enlightenment - Secret of Multi-Dimensional Universe - The Ultimate Self-Realization.

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is World Teacher, Master and CEO of Happy Science Group (a global utopian movement), and international best-selling author with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa's deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has prompted him to publish over 3,100 (as of December 2022) titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings, covering a broad range of topics including how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love and the path to enlightenment. Okawa also writes on topics of management, the economy, and the relationship between religion and politics in a global context. Okawa's books have been translated into 41 languages, and many of them have become best-selling titles, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide.
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Publication Date: August 25th, 2023
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