Secrets of the Everlasting Truths: A New Paradigm for Living on Earth (Paperback)

Secrets of the Everlasting Truths: A New Paradigm for Living on Earth By Ryuho Okawa Cover Image
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Did you know that miracles are happening around us all the time? In this book, Master Ryuho Okawa reveals an extraordinary array of miracles that are increasing in number every day. This book reveals the whys and hows of spiritual phenomena. When you discover these secrets, your view of yourself and the world will be changed dramatically and forever. Miracles and spiritual occurrences depend not just on Heaven, but ultimately on the power of our own minds--the power of faith. Everlasting spiritual laws do exist, and these spiritual laws shape our world and worlds beyond the one we know. It is our knowledge about these laws and our belief in the invisible that will make it possible for us to solve the world's problems and bring our entire planet together. We are on the brink of uniting into one common identity as earth people and creating a brand new era--an era of spirituality. This new era will bring happiness and prosperity to our entire planet for thousands of years to come.

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa started receiving spiritual messages from Heaven in 1981. Holy beings appeared before him with impassioned messages of urgency, entreating him to deliver God s words to Earth. Within the same year, Ryuho Okawa s deepest subconscious awakened and revealed his calling to become a spiritual leader who is inspiring the world with the power of God s Truths. He is the founder of Happy Science, a worldwide religious organization with centers in over 90 countries. Today, he tours around the world, giving public talks and lectures."
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ISBN: 9781937673109
ISBN-10: 1937673103
Publisher: Irh Press USA Inc.
Publication Date: June 16th, 2012
Pages: 144
Language: English