The Laws of the Sun: One Source, One Planet, One People (Hardcover)

The Laws of the Sun: One Source, One Planet, One People By Ryuho Okawa Cover Image
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Imagine if you could ask God why He created this world and what spiritual laws He used to shape us-and everything around us. If we could understand His designs and intentions, we could discover what our goals in life should be and whether our actions move us closer to those goals or farther away. At a young age, a spiritual calling prompted Ryuho Okawa to outline what he knew to be the universal truths for all humankind. In The Laws of the Sun, Okawa details the laws of the universe and how to give one's life meaning and purpose. What is the nature of spirit and soul? What really happens when we die? What are the spiritual laws and how can we live in harmony with them? Is there a Heaven and a Hell, and what is the afterlife truly like? The Laws of the Sun not only provides answers to these age-old questions, but also reveals the hidden story of Earth's genesis; the Truths about Earth's intimate relationships with other parts of the universe; and the profound, untold history of humankind. In Chapter 1 The Sun of the Truths Is Rising, Okawa describes how the Primordial Buddha (Primordial God) designed the universe and created humans and other creatures. We are actually souls with eternal life that reincarnate between this physical world and the spiritual world that is divided into progressive levels of enlightenment (spiritual awareness). This system was formed to provide infinite chances for us to keep growing toward becoming angels who can help more people, as we gain the help of many angels who are guiding us from Heaven. As this physical world started as a heavenly place, Hell was not originally a part of God's design but appeared due to the negative thoughts that people started to develop. The Laws of the Sun reveals Truths that will bring a guiding light and hope to the world. Chapter 2 Buddha's Truths Speak explains how human souls are part of the Primordial Buddha (Primordial God), and that all beings are equal in that they are manifestations of His energy, but are treated fairly based on the progress they have made. It also explains that the soul of a person living on Earth is only a small part, and the rest of the soul (subconscious) exists in the spirit world. The mind, the core of the soul, has the power to create miracles or trigger disasters depending on the direction it's pointing at. To point it in the right direction, it is important that we practice the Eightfold Path in the context of modern life. Chapter 3 The River of God's Love answers the question, What is love? Okawa says that love is an invincible power that ultimately comes from God and all of us are part of His love, as givers of love. We can make our love much closer to God's by improving our minds. To develop a higher love that can contribute more to others, we can aim to practice higher levels of love that also correspond to the different types of enlightenment. The more unconditional and higher our love is, the closer we become to angels and to a oneness with God, and the more power we gain to help this world become closer to Heaven. Chapter 4 Ultimate Enlightenment describes different stages of enlightenment leading to the highest level attainable for human beings. Enlightenment is a process of developing our spirituality and manifesting our divine nature, thereby strengthening our connection to God. This chapter provides a new perspective on enlightenment in today's world and shows new ways of training our souls in the current era, while describing the enlightenment that Shakyamuni Buddha attained 2,500 years ago. Chapter 5 The Golden Ages: The History of Humankind shows that Earth's history is much longer than it is known today. Just as human souls go through reincarnation, whole civilizations go through similar cycles of growth and decline. This chapter describes some of the key civilizations as far back as 735,000 years, and shows that civilizations decline and suffer natural catastrophes when their people lost sight of spiritual values. There are many things we can learn from these civilizations to tackle the struggles that our world sees today with hope and guidance. In Chapter 6 The Path to El Cantare, Okawa encourages the reader to awaken to their own spirituality and to open their heart to the existence of the spirit world. To live a truly meaningful life, we need to cast away all negative desires and become passionate about polishing our mind during our life on Earth. He also shows how we can overcome challenges of everyday life, conquer worries and suffering, and achieve true self-realization. As an example of overcoming adversity and opening up a path, Okawa introduces a brief autobiographical account of his life. The Laws of the Sun opens the portal on a new age of harmony and spirituality based on God's Truths, and will inspire us to appreciate that we all come from the same source, to let go of our differences, and to come together in peace and happiness: one people prospering on one planet.
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ISBN: 9781937673048
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Publisher: Irh Press
Publication Date: January 7th, 2014
Pages: 264
Language: English