Get It Girls: A Harlem Girl Lost Novel (Paperback)

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One of the most loved urban storytellers, Treasure Blue, delivers the second installment in the acclaimed Harlem Girl Lost series. Get It Girls is a gritty urban drama packed with the consequences of revenge and the hope that has the power to save us.

Jessica Jones never thought living her teenage dream would lead to a living nightmare. When she and her three best friends venture out on prom night, they're drunk on young love and excited for their college plans. But a tragic incident turns a night of high school achievement into a crime scene, and Jessica and her girls are left with bloody hands and shattered futures. After spending years paying off a debt that wasn't theirs, Jessica and her friends return to Harlem to find it very different from when they left. Crack is now king, and its destruction has left their families in ruin and their neighborhoods consumed by its peddlers. Jessica takes a stand, and her friends are there to back her up when demons from the past come beating down their doors. Now Jessica and the girls must pass the ultimate test in order to preserve their lives, their families, and their Harlem.

About the Author

Treasure E. Blue is the Essence Magazine Best Selling Author of Harlem Girl Lost, A Street Girl Named Desire, Keyshia & Clyde and a contributor to several anthologies. A former fire inspector with the New York City Fire Department, he is also winner of the Black Issue Book Reviews Urban Lit Book of the Year and a starred Kirkus Review recipient. Mr. Blue currently resides in Harlem, New York and is a public speaker that shows today's youth the dangers of drug addiction and the importance of literacy.
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ISBN: 9781936399246
ISBN-10: 1936399245
Publisher: Cash Money Content
Publication Date: February 7th, 2012
Pages: 335
Language: English