Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, Second Edition (Paperback)

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"When attorney Jeffrey N. Gingold misplaced his wife on the living room couch and lost awareness of his children, little did he know that he was experiencing a hidden symptom of multiple sclerosis: cognitive difficulties. How do you handle getting lost, while driving just blocks from your home? Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis is a courageous and compelling personal account of one man's anguishing struggle with this aspect of the disease. It is written for the silent majority of MS patients who are privately dealing with MS cognitive symptoms and potential disabilities.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society estimates that over 400,000 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and there are millions more worldwide. Conservatively speaking, half of them will encounter varying degrees of cognitive difficulties. Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis brings this hidden disability into the open. It is an essential resource that will educate individuals coping with multiple sclerosis, and inform their families, caregivers, doctors and therapists.

This new edition has been revised with on-point cognitive strategies and updated MS resources. The book includes a new foreword written by Dr. Dawn Langdon of the UK MS Trust and four completely new chapters that follow Jeffrey's journey since 2006. He openly explores some MS physical symptoms, which may accompany the thinking impediments that strike at his cognitive awareness and functions. Jeffrey carves a path of finding physical and cognitive wellness, as well as weighing the need to accept beneficial MS medical therapies. Not only did he become more active in the movement to cure MS, the progression of his MS led to a more controversial MS treatment, in effort to make his disease manageable. Jeffrey also shares the benefits of introducing a ≈ safety person' into a life with MS and the strength gained from helping others, even while they may be assisting you.

Whether or not a person is dealing with the cognitive issues associated with multiple sclerosis this book deserves to be on the bookshelf of every individual who is dealing with multiple sclerosis.

About the Author

Jeffrey is the internationally acclaimed author of the Award-winning book, "Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis" and an outspoken volunteer advocate on MS and cognitive disability. He has been a guest on The Montel Williams Show, NPR, numerous webcasts and national talk radio shows. In his second book, "Mental Sharpening Stones: Manage the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, " Jeffrey provides strategies from people who have MS and medical providers, sharing their tactical advice on how to manage the "invisible MS."

He was recently inducted to the 2010 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Hall of Fame for his Advocacy. Jeffrey is a published freelance writer and has authored numerous articles for U.S and international publications. He enjoys spending family time with his wife, Terri, two adorable daughters, Lauren and Meredith, and one cat named Mickey -- named after the baseball player, not the mouse.

Praise For…

"This book (the first edition was published in 2006) details the cognitive challenges he facedlosing his train of thought while making a statement in court, getting lost a few blocks from home, forgetting whether he had dropped his daughters off at school, and not really recognizing his wife sitting next to him on their sofaand the way he coped with them, from practical aides to courage, humor, and persistence in finding a neurologist who took his smallest mental lapses seriously. Gingold often speaks to groups afflicted with MS and their families and health-care providers, and this is another powerful testimony that interested readers will appreciate. Recommended."Library Journal

Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis is a scholarly and powerful read that presents the very face of the disease, how it can be fought, and ultimately finding something of a cure."-Midwest book Review

"As recently as the 1980's, people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis were assured that their thinking skills would be spared when looking at the possible range of symptoms. It was not true then or now. Cognitive issues are bad players because they can significantly affect the lives of those who have them and their families, while remaining largely invisible to most of us. Jeffrey asckowledged his struggles and then moved forward by looking for solutions for himself and than them with others. We can all learn from his journey." Patricia Kennedy, RN, CNP, MSCN Nurse Educator, Can Do Multiple Sclerosis and author of the forthcoming Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Guide to Lifestyle Empowerment

"Jeffrey Gingold, in this the second edition of his book, has not only provided an intimate look into the personal experiences with which he has had to contend with his MS, he has created a work which is informative, highly personal, incredibly supportive and realistic in its advice. It is a truly outstanding work that I can recommend without reservation to those both with MS as well as anyone who wants to know more about this aspect of MS.” Patricia A. Farrell, PhD, author of It’s Not All in Your Head and How to Be Your Own Therapist

In his latest and most moving book, Jeff Gingold takes us on a journey into the hidden” precincts of multiple sclerosis cognitive changes. Not only people with MS, but those with any connection to MS, personal or professional, should read this book.” Nicholas G. LaRocca, PhD, Vice President of Health Care Delivery and Policy Research, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, author of Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Cognitive Challenges

Multiple sclerosis can be a scary, lonely disease. Jeffrey Gingold has given us some weapons to fight where we can. He also demonstrates the wisdom to accept situations that are not what we had envisioned for ourselves, while showing that a "new" reality doesn't mean defeat. Buy this book. You will be stronger for reading it.” Julie Stachowiak, PhD, About.com guide to Multiple Sclerosis, author of The Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto and The Diabetes Manifesto

Praise for the Previous Edition:

"Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis has an important place on the bookshelves of people with MS. Whether or not you are dealing with cognitive dysfunction (or are not quite sure), this is a heartfelt description of the daily struggles, the small and large losses, and the (sometimes embarrassing) emotions tied to the mental and physical challenges of MS. In the end, it is also a story of quiet victory and dignity in the face of this disease. I am very glad that I read it. You will be, too." About.com

"Powerful and revealing, [Gingold's] is a story of denial and then acceptance, but with no hint of surrender... He understands that each person with MS is unique and lays out a series of steps that allows people to find an individual path. He challenges us to have four goals: get educated about the cognitive changes in MS; take action to make the necessary adjustments in our lives; reach out for available answers; and leave room for 'slow hugs'." Inside MS

"One of the best books [written on the subject] in some time. The writing is smooth, making his experiences visual so the reader can share in his private, cognitive struggles good read, especially if you suspect or know you have cognitive issues. This book helped me understand what could happen, how I could cope with it and certainly that I was not alone in the anguish it will help anyone with MS, their spouses, friends and physicians." MS World

"The story [Gingold] tells is honest, intelligent, and often humorous. Throughout the writing he notes facts about MS and strategies for acknowledging and coping with the cognitive changes MS may impose. Readers with MS may relate to and learn from his experiences, while readers without MS may better understand the effects of cognitive issues and how one feels to suddenly encounter these perplexing symptoms." The MSAA Motivator

"Language laced with ironic humor and crisp images of a mental wheelchair express the devastation of what [Gingold] terms "smack-in-the-face" cognitive symptoms...Gingold's memoir is...a poetic testament to one man's courage." Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

"Gingold's thorough research and compassionate voice will resonate not only with fellow patients, but also with their friends, families and physicians...He anticipates and answers tough questions with candor, sympathy and a surprising amount of humor, expertly debunking the shame and frustration commonly associated with the mental ramifications of a terrifying disease...Insightful and informative, Gingold's guide is a much needed resource for the often invisible side of MS." Kirkus Reports

"Not only does this book explore the frustration and fear that accompanies living with cognitive symptoms through a very personal lens, it also offers practical tips and perspectives on coping with a myriad of symptoms, as well as navigating such issues as decisions about medications and communicating effectively with your healthcare professional. Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis is a book that will be of interest to anyone who would like to learn more about cognitive symptoms and the impact that they can have, but it also offers lessons in moving forward against the odds." Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

"Mr. Gingold's personal account is a courageous, compelling, and revealing look at the cognitive difficulties accompanying the physical challenges of MS. It is my hope that this book will both validate for patients and their families these more subtle yet devastating symptoms, as well as mobilize physicians to more seriously consider cognitive symptoms in their diagnostic work-up and comprehensive care of their patients." Dr. Bradley J. Fedderly, Member, Board of Directors, American Academy of Family Physicians

"Unfortunately, the cognitive effects of MS, although very real, are rarely discussed...Mr. Gingold's compelling and personal discussion about the cognitive effects offers new information and insights into a very real symptom of the disease. I believe Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis will draw an eager and large readership seeking new information and resources." Colleen Kalt, President and CEO of the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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