Vilnius Poker (Hardcover)

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Detailing a man's mental breakdown--and his obsession with a seductress named Lolita, the omnipresent "them," and the need to uncover what's "really going on"--"Vilnius Poker" is an epic, paranoid novel about the surreal absurdities and horrors of life under Soviet rule. In the words of "Kirkus Reviews," "think of it as The Matrix behind the Iron Curtain--unsettling and profoundly interesting.

About the Author

Ricardas Gavelis was a prose writer, playwright, and publicist. His novels include "Seven Ways to Commit Suicide," "The Last Generation of Men on Earth," and "The Life of Sun-Tzu in the Sacred Twon of Vilnius."

Elizabeth Novickas graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a M.A. in Lithuanian Language and Literature. She has worked previously as a bookbinder, newspaper designer, cartographer, and computer system administrator.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781934824054
Publisher: Open Letter Books; Univ of Nebraska Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2009
Pages: 485