Collections and Deaccessioning in a Post-Pandemic World: Case Studies (Paperback)

Collections and Deaccessioning in a Post-Pandemic World: Case Studies Cover Image
By Stefanie S. Jandl (Editor), Mark S. Gold (Editor)
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Collections and Deaccessioning: Case Studies is about far more than the deaccessioning of museum and gallery collections. It's about how museums will be - must be - different after Covid-19. About a transformed environment, both social and financial, and museums' total response to it. In a changed and charged reality, deaccessioning is one element of a future in which issues of social justice, inequality, race, pay and decolonisation will impact collections as never before.

It is part of a major new 950-page resource which draws on the experience and thinking of some of the world's most experienced and respected museum and gallery professionals, with a Foreword by Melody Kanschat and Antoniette M Guglielmo of the Museum Leadership Institute.

The three volumes in the collection (available separately) are:

  1. Conversations with Museum Directors
  2. Towards a New Reality
  3. Case Studies

Contents include:


1. Reflections on Deaccessioning Braque's Music from The Phillips Collection

2. Much Ado About Shrimps: Everhart Museum Deaccessioning

3. Randolph College: Act Three

4. Financial Stability vs. Donor Restrictions: Fisk University

5. Financing the Past and Finding the Future: Delaware Art Museum

6. What Matters Most: Building the Future of the Berkshire Museum


7. The Shuttering of Philadelphia's Attic

8. The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Detroit Institute of Arts

9. Sparking Institutional Change: Deaccessioning at The Baltimore Museum of Art

10. Picture Perfect: Everson Museum of Art

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ISBN: 9781912528318
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Publication Date: March 22nd, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English