Railpass Railmap Europe - Alpine Special 2018: Discover Europe with Icon, Info and Photograph Illustrated Railway Atlas. Specifically Designed for Glo (Large Print / Paperback)

Railpass Railmap Europe - Alpine Special 2018: Discover Europe with Icon, Info and Photograph Illustrated Railway Atlas. Specifically Designed for Glo Cover Image
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Travelling around Europe by train is so much more than just an awesome holiday or interesting vacation experiences it is a step back into an impressive tapestry of prolific religious and historical bygone eras. The substantially updated 2018 edition of RailPass RailMap now includes brand new icons indicating UNESCO listed sites, significant religious buildings ie cathedral and abbeys, castles and attractive old world medieval towns to clearly identify the very best tourist rich destinations thus enabling the RailPass traveller to maximise their time, budget and designated travel days. Detailed RailPass RailMap (Austria and Switzerland) also now displays new geographical features including mountain elevation, ski resorts and identifies for the reader the best scenic views and cities that are best explored on foot.

Also included in this Alpine Special are detailed RailPass RailMap and for whole of Switzerland and Austria plus French, German, Italian and Slovakian Alpine Routes and new for 2018 is focused attention on the most awesome routes and locations to visit particularly useful For Global Pass holders with limited days to explore where careful planning is absolutely crucial to get the most from a travel day. Learn more about the unbelievably awesome Swiss Glacier Express, Bernina Express and Golden Pass routes and the best way to experience the dramatic Austrian Alps plus tips and photographs so you know exactly what to expect.

RailPass RailMap enables you to explore the whole European Railway Network with easy to navigate purposefully designed specifically for Interrail or Eurail global RailPass holders and covers 31 European countries in addition to Turkey and North Africa.

Buyer Beware Please note that RailPass RailMap 2018 has been specifically designed with the Global RailPass holder (interrailer) in mind. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETELY DEFINITIVE RAILWAY MAP. Instead RailPass RailMap is all about enabling easy and quick reference navigation around the entire European railway network in an easy to locate (i.e. top tourist destinations), easy to understand (easy to identify train types), easy to pack away format (i.e. can be folded in half) and full colour durable quality paper plus long lasting laminated gloss cover (i.e. large printed folding maps quickly suffer from tearing). The large A4 (letter) paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map with many duplications so you can easily follow the network across the spreads.

All the most popular tourist destination, cities and major towns on the network are highlights in large bold print. All the major network connections, scenic routes, intersections and junctions are easy to follow to enable you to quickly get to your chosen destinations.

New for 2018 is major ferry crossings sailing info and RailPass discounts for UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Also included:

- Easily identified High speed routes where compulsory reservations and supplements are required (bright orange lines) and where no additional cost is required (purple lines)

- Main railway lines (seat reservation usually required in Eastern Europe)

- Majority of local lines (in most cases no additional seat reservation requirement)

- Green highlighted and easy to identify scenic routes so you can plan the most interesting and awesome routes

- Major Swiss scenic routes are clearly identified with special highlights and legend so you know exactly how to make the very best of your time in this wonderful scenic rich country

- Bus routes (pink lines) where the train network is in repair or is seasonal etc.

Purchase includes complementary PDFs via website link. To learn more please visit RailMapEurope.com

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ISBN: 9781911165156
ISBN-10: 1911165151
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Solitaire Contracts Limited
Publication Date: March 4th, 2018
Pages: 76
Language: English