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Two women, a lovely old house, and an ancient family feud, come together in this lesbian romance set in and around the picturesque seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire. When Jaime Fyre inherits Rykesby from her uncle, James, the unexpected bequest proves increasingly problematic. The sudden arrival of Kimberly Marshall, who lays claim to the property, adds to Jaime's troubles. Why is Kimberly so convinced that Jaime is both a liar and a fraud? The mystery deepens when Jaime finds a photograph of her mother amongst her uncle's possessions. Why is it there? Did her mother and her uncle have a relationship? Jaime's search for answers draws a blank. With nobody left to ask, the list of unanswered questions grows, matching the tension between Kimberly and Jaime. As Jaime's future happiness, and her relationship with Kimberly, hang in the balance will what Jaime discovers behind a locked door in the library help or hinder her quest for truth and reconciliation? Excerpt: From the outset, Jaime had experienced a weird sense of d j vu as though the house knew her and was welcoming her home with a big cozy hug. Her puzzlement and sense of unreality mounted as she moved from room to room, finding familiarity at every turn, while knowing that she'd never set foot inside the place before. In fact, she hadn't even known the house existed until a couple of hours ago and in turn had spent little more than a brief half hour exploring the amazing rooms. There was a lot to see and Jaime had been so intent on her quest that she'd initially dismissed the faint scrunching sound, like tires on gravel, as a figment of an over active imagination. Not until she heard the unmistakable solid clunk of a car door had she accepted it wasn't her mind playing tricks. Reluctantly abandoning her exploration to check out the unexpected caller she hurried along the upstairs hallway. After a couple of wrong turns she'd found her way back to the top of the main staircase. A brief glance out the large arched window and her first sight of the visitor stopped Jaime dead. A frisson of excitement trickled down her spine. She knew this woman, intimately. No, not literally, but she was the perfect embodiment of Granby. Jaime couldn't believe her fictitious hero was a real person, here, in the flesh, and looking so perfect. Good enough to eat. Jaime's heart missed several beats as she feasted her eyes on the tall stranger who was clearly in no hurry to announce her presence. Instead the woman leant casually against an expensive looking black SUV while she scrutinized the house giving Jaime ample time to study her. Every detail fitted Granby to a tee, exactly as Jaime had defined her lead character all those years ago. Early forties, short cropped hair, graying slightly, and naturally tanned skin that spoke of a life spent mainly outdoors. Stone washed denims, worn with a red plaid shirt over a white vest, completed the picture and emphasized her rugged good looks. Strong, sexy, and unmistakably butch. A tingling awareness radiated through Jaime's body and ignited a flame deep inside her core. She couldn't wait to discover if the woman matched the other qualities she'd bestowed upon her hero. Anticipation propelled her swiftly down the wide staircase to arrive at the bottom step breathless, and excited, just as the stranger burst through the inner doors into the hall. Whatever Jaime had expected, an ugly confrontation was the last thing on her mind. "I asked you a question." The curt, authoritative, tone a clear indication that this woman was used to giving orders rather than taking them. "And I want a straight-forward answer. What are you doing in my house?" She advanced several paces toward Jaime, as she spoke, reinforcing her air of authority. Slowly, small fragments of clarity began to emerge from the jumble of unintelligible white noise jamming Jaime's brain. What the hell is going on?

About the Author

Dalia Craig loves to both read and write a variety of contemporary fiction. While her particular leaning is toward lesbian romance, her writing encompasses all heat levels and diverse genre. She has a number of eBooks to her credit and is also a contributor to several print anthologies including: Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance 2010 both from Cleis Press. Plus the Goldie 2013 nominated anthology, Sapphic Planet, edited by Beth Wylde & Kissa Starling. She published many short stories in eBook format with loveyoudivine Alterotica, where she was also managing editor for the FemErotica line until loveyoudivine closed in June 2013. After considering all her options, Dalia decided to set up as a publisher. Her company, Lydian Press, opened for business in August 2013 with several ex loveyoudivine authors on board. Lydian Press, is devoted to publishing quality GLBTQ literature in both eBook and print formats. Website: http: // Dalia has wide and varied interests but mainly she loves to write. She is quoted as saying, "Writing is my life. It is what fulfills me as a person." Aside from writing, and now publishing, Dalia loves to travel, fiddle with computers, listen to classical music, cook, grow her own fruit and vegetables, and befriend the wildlife that visits her garden. You can connect with her online at:
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ISBN: 9781909934689
ISBN-10: 1909934682
Publisher: Lydian Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2014
Pages: 360
Language: English