Protein-Protein Interactions of MRPS in Cancer (Paperback)

Protein-Protein Interactions of MRPS in Cancer By R. P. Oviya Cover Image
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Protein-Protein Interactions of MRPS in Cancer, authored by R. P. OVIYA, is an insightful and comprehensive work that explores the crucial role of mitochondrial ribosomal small subunit (MRPS) proteins in breast cancer. The book delves into the intricate network of protein-protein interactions involving MRPS6 and MRPS23, which are essential components of the mitochondrial translation machinery.

The book covers a wide range of topics related to MRPS, including the structure and function of the mitochondrial ribosome, mitochondrial biogenesis, and the mechanisms underlying mitochondrial dysfunction. The author extensively discusses the various techniques used to study protein-protein interactions, including yeast two-hybrid, co-immunoprecipitation, affinity purification, tandem affinity purification, protein microarrays, and others.

The book also provides a comprehensive overview of the molecular mechanisms involved in breast cancer, including the role of MRPS in cancer metabolism, metabolic reprogramming, and apoptosis. It further discusses the potential of MRPS as a biomarker for cancer diagnosis and as a therapeutic target for the development of novel anticancer drugs.

The author also covers the role of MRPS in mitochondrial quality control, including mitophagy and autophagy, and their potential implications in cancer therapy. Additionally, the book delves into the complex interplay between MRPS and the tumor microenvironment, including the role of oxidative phosphorylation and mitochondrial DNA in cancer progression.

Overall, Protein-Protein Interactions of MRPS in Cancer is a valuable resource for researchers and professionals in the fields of cancer biology, mitochondrial biology, and proteomics. The book offers a comprehensive and detailed account of the latest research on MRPS and its role in breast cancer, as well as the potential implications for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

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ISBN: 9781805259374
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Publisher: Independent Author
Publication Date: May 6th, 2023
Pages: 210
Language: English