Surface and subsurface water quality modeling in central part of cauvery river (Paperback)

Surface and subsurface water quality modeling in central part of cauvery river By Hema S Cover Image
By Hema S
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Water is the most precious gift nature has given to mankind. Unlike other resources, water does not have a substitute in its main uses and it cannot be replaced. It is indispensable, limited and vulnerable resource. Virtually, no activity in the environment would be possible in the absence of water. Not only do we need water for our food, power generation, industrial processes, but we need it as a requirement in our life and our bodies need to ingest water every day to continue its functioning. Lack of good quality of water is found to be one of the important causes of human distress, disease and early death, directly or indirectly. Because of the intimate association between water and life, water is woven into the fabrics of all cultures, religions and societies. Water, as a resource is not evenly distributed spatially or temporally around the world and its declination and deterioration affects every sphere of life. Many parts of the world are affected by water scarcity and/or water quality problems to a minimal or greater extent.

Rivers are natural streams of fresh water bodies that carry a definite flow for all or part of the year. They are the major factors controlling the global water cycle and they are the most dynamic agents of transport. They act as a continuous physical resource serving domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes and also for transportation.

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