Ramen Recipe Book for Beginners: Quick and Easy Ramen Collection Recipes (Hardcover)

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Create Your Own Perfect, Delicious Bowl Of Authentic Japanese Ramen With This Simplified Ramen Cookbook

In just a few years, Japanese ramen has taken the world by storm. More often than not, the only way you can enjoy authentic ramen is by willingly shelling out a lot of money to go to an expensive Japanese restaurant. And if that's not bad enough, you also need to deal with standing in long lines before you are able to enjoy what you came for

Japanese ramen is expensive because it is very time-consuming to make. Experienced chefs went through numerous trials and errors before they were able to achieve the perfect balance of flavors for each element, including the broth, tare, egg, noodles, and cha shu. If one of those elements are even slightly off, the ramen - as a whole - is ruined.

This book makes preparing ramen EASY PEASY It has simplified ramen recipes and proven tips that you can do at home, including how to cook ramen noodles and many other traditional Japanese specialties.

Here's what you'll get:

- A step-by-step guide to the best method of creating your own bowl of ramen

- Simple ramen cooking strategies

- How to prepare soba noodles, spicy soup, pork and base chicken broth, eggs, miso, tonkotsu, tamagoyaki, shrimp simmered nasubi, kabocha, and even vegetarian options

- How you can create the perfect low-carb, gluten-free noodles

- How to cook delicious ramen side dishes and toppings, including steak and cheese shio

- And so much more

We know that foodies like you would go to great lengths just to taste a great bowl of ramen. But sometimes, your budget won't always allow it. With this book, you can skip the expensive restaurant bill and prepare your own simple, affordable ramen at home

Are you ready to become a ramen master chef?

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Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
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