Unusually Special Relativity (Paperback)

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Iconoclastic physics professor and artist Andrzej Dragan presents a unique feast of knowledge on special relativity in a straightforward, progressive manner that even a savvy high school student could follow. Encompassing the derivation of Lorentz transformations to Wigner rotations and Thomas precession; from non-inertial accelerated reference frames to event horizons, curved spacetime, and static black holes; and from the Doppler effect to relativistic structure of electromagnetism, Dragan peels back the enigmatic layers of modern physics to enable a deeper understanding of Einstein's groundbreaking theory.Comprehensive and elegantly written, full of insightful apparent paradoxes and riddles, but without any complicated math, Dragan's unique overview takes the reader well beyond the orthodox verses of standard Special Relativity to the bleeding edge of 'new-fangled' superluminal apocrypha and their relation to Quantum Theory. The book is based on a course on Special Relativity and acclaimed by students taught by Dragan who is a leader of a research group on Relativistic Quantum Information theory at the University of Warsaw and the National University of Singapore.Scan the QR code to access the author's collection of Youtube videos that explain the fundamental concepts of physics described in Unusually Special Relativity.
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ISBN: 9781800610880
ISBN-10: 1800610882
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication Date: December 9th, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English