Mastering the Commodore 64 (Paperback)

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First published in 1983, this user-friendly guide to the Commodore 64 helped many owners of the much-loved home computer understand their machine to a whole new level. The details within the book enabled users to go further than the confines of programming purely in BASIC and is still a highly useful guide for those interested in retro gaming on the classic machine.

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As the original publisher Interface Publications wrote:

This book is a manual for all Commodore 64 users who wish to increase their understanding of how their computer works and how to program it proficiently in BASIC and machine code. The author explains how sound and music synthesis, programmable characters, high resolution graphics, function key programming, animation and sprites are done in both BASIC and machine code. It also contains a full memory map of the Commodore 64 and explains how the full 64K can be used and how to correct errors in both BASIC and the KERNAL ROMs.

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Acorn Books is proud to present its Retro Reproductions series, a collection of classic computing works from the 80s and 90s given a new lease of life in the 21st century. From standards of programming reference no self-respecting microcomputer coder would be without, to obscure works unavailable for many years, these modern re-prints are perfect for any connoisseur of retro computing.

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ISBN: 9781789824612
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Publisher: Acorn Books
Publication Date: October 16th, 2020
Pages: 198
Language: English