Lightning Often Strikes Twice: The 50 Biggest Misconceptions in Science (Hardcover)

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A revealing and entertaining guide through some of the biggest misconceptions in science that many of us still believe.

You may well be familiar with the fact that lightning, contrary to the popular saying, often strikes the same place twice. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what many of us wrongly believe about the way the world works. Whether it’s word of mouth, myths you’ve read about online, or misremembered facts from school, we’re bombarded by misconceptions about the science we come into contact with every day – this book will uncover the most popular myths to help you avoid contributing to the perpetuation of these misunderstandings.

Breaking it down into fifty of the most popular misconceptions in science, each chapter of this book will be headed up with a ‘fact’, followed by the real story, providing the science and theory that debunks the myth. From fears about the exponential growth of the human population to the embarrassment of always pointing out the north star as the brightest in the sky, this is the book to read if you want to separate the science fact from fiction.

About the Author

Brian Clegg studied physics at the University of Cambridge and is now an award-winning and bestselling science writer and public speaker who has written over forty popular science books and a growing range of novels. His books include Ten Patterns that Explain the Universe, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Everyday Chaos, and The God Effect.

He has also written for a wide range of publications such as Nature, BBC History, The Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Observer, and is the editor of

Brian lives in a Wiltshire village with his wife and twin children.

Praise For…

"Ingenious, often complex insights from an expert." – Kirkus Reviews on Ten Patterns that Explain the Universe

“This book is a valuable contribution to popular science, providing a kaleidoscope of visuals that will appeal to readers across generational divides” – Science onTen Patterns that Explain the Universe

"Using beautiful illustrations and illuminating diagrams, the book is a feast for the eyes. The final chapter, on symmetries in nature of all shapes and sizes, is particularly enlightening. Anyone interested in the natural world will enjoy the unique perspective offered in the book." –Physics Today onTen Patterns that Explain the Universe

'Gets right to the heart of what makes us what we are. Read it!' —Angela Saini, author ofInferior and Superior: The Return of Race Science on What Do You Think You Are?

"Clegg does an excellent job of explaining this complex situation in nontechnical terms. . . . Clegg is at his finest as he embeds potential advances in a broad historical context." —Publishers Weekly on The God Effect

"[Clegg] has done an excellent job of making the most complex concepts accessible while allowing their mystery to continue to shimmer just out of focus." —Kirkus Reviews on A Brief History of Infinity

'Clegg's skills never flag and his account remains lucid and free of jargon, bad jokes, and math phobia.” ―Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Gravity

“Clegg's accessible presentation offers insight into everything from Aristotelian science to black holes and string theory as it reveals the complexities and surprise of a familiar force that continues to surprise scientists.” ―Publishers Weekly on Gravity

"Satisfying soul food for your inner geek: an enjoyable tour of science fact and fiction by a writer who obviously revels in both." ―Kirkus Reviewson Ten Billion Tomorrows

"Clegg accomplishes the impressive feat of persuading readers that ESP might exist, while delivering a delightfully astute examination of...evidence." ―Kirkus Reviews(starred) on Extra Sensory

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Publication Date: February 1st, 2023
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