Sexvivor (Paperback)

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By Sergius
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A year into college and Lisa is bored silly. Her career prospects are tenuous and her love life is a joke. The men around campus are jocks and fools, each believing they are gifts even as they balk at her six-foot frame and coffee creamed skin.

While volunteering at a Community College Fair Booth, Lisa is approached by a handsome man that, for once, doesn't seem intimidated by her. He offers her a chance to participate on a new reality series called Sexvivor. The show follows similar rules as other popular reality programs, but instead of just surviving, this filming is based on sex, pain, humiliation, and stretching the limits of human endurance. The ultimate prize is in excess of 1 million dollars... if she wins.

Lisa has always had fantasies some would consider outside the norm, yet when the truth of the show presents itself, Lisa learns just how much of a pain slut she really is. Her life is turned upside down and her world soon revolves around extreme pain and pleasure as she faces challenges and services contestants and staff both. At first, she begs for the pain to stop, but before long, she is begging for more... and more.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781786952363
ISBN-10: 178695236X
Publisher: Fetish World Books
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 186
Language: English