The Wolf Worlds Part 2 - Slave Captain (Paperback)

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Caris Maltby, star combat captain for United Worlds, has been captured with all her crew, thanks to the incompetence of her superiors. She finds slavery - strangely - can involve a great deal of power, if one is prepared to commit absolutely to one's new owners - and with a 'Robiot' up her backside, which can cause her agony, death (or pleasure) at her owner's whim, anywhere in the universe, doing anything else isn't really an option.

She finds that the power she now has is a little intoxicating, just as the power others have over her - including embittered members of her own crew - Is very hard to cope with. She has to deal with these conflicting emotions, with being stolen, and with being, for a while, the property of a princess of the very United Worlds she used to fight for. The constants in all this are games of sex and power, and the turnabouts of revenge and betrayal - and steadfast loyalty.

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ISBN: 9781786952325
ISBN-10: 1786952327
Publisher: Silver Moon Books
Publication Date: October 7th, 2019
Pages: 214
Language: English