The Librarian (Paperback)

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She looks like a be-speckled impish young woman who is mildly pretty. But Dianne, has a split personality, a fetish vixen self, who uses the Library as a fertile hunting ground. Her other self likes to trick people into thinking that she is this shy, introverted girl who cannot possibly have any experience of a sexual nature. Wrong What she has is this skill, this ability to manipulate other women into doing her bidding. She has this uncanny ability to take hold of other women and then bind them in her web as she unlocks their deepest darkest fantasies and fears. She uses bondage of the body and mind and turns otherwise intelligent, confident females into her playthings. And what she does with them is rewires them, re-moulds them and basically fucks them up in the most heinous, and shocking of ways. Think slippery, dripping, mindless sex meat and that is more or less what Dianne turns the women she tricks into, but with interest They won't ever be the same again, and she just moves on to her next victim - meet the Librarian But then, along comes Tilda - and she changes everything

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ISBN: 9781786952257
ISBN-10: 1786952254
Publisher: Fetish World Books
Publication Date: October 7th, 2019
Pages: 274
Language: English