Advancing Conversations: Srecko Horvat - Subversion! (Paperback)

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In a world dominated by capitalism which is dangerously sliding into a new kind of fascism, Srecko Horvat's new book explores the concept of subverting the dominant paradigm in politics, technology and love. Drawing from his own experience of participating in different protest movements all around the world, working closely with WikiLeaks and being one of the protagonists of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025, Horvat resists the prevailing melancholy of the Left by offering new political imagination beyond traditional concepts. Instead of the tension between horizontal movements or vertical political parties, "Subversion" opts for a radical dialectics of both methods as the only way out of our current deadlock. If there is a crack in everything, the way to use the light that gets in is constructive subversion.

About the Author

Srecko Horvat is a philosopher and author of more than 10 books, most recently "The Radicality of Love" (Polity Press, 2015) and "What Does Europe Want?" (together with Slavoj Zizek, Columbia University Press, 2013). He is one of the founders of Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25)
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ISBN: 9781785354960
ISBN-10: 1785354965
Publisher: Zero Books
Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Pages: 96
Language: English