Photography Decoded: Look, Think, Ask (Hardcover)

Photography Decoded: Look, Think, Ask By Hedy Van Erp, Susan Bright Cover Image
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Discover art photography through the 100 greatest ever photos.
In the two centuries that photography has been practical, it has created a means of communication , the understanding of which is essential to anyone navigating this very visual world. From Daguerre's early images to the real-life sharing of Instagram, photography has never really been "the truth," though nor is it necessarily dishonest. It is ambiguous, complicated and subjective, fleeting and lasting at the same time. This book will introduce the best examples and show you how you can 'read' every image.

About the Author

Hedy Van Erp is a photo historian and writer. She has been curator at a host of leading institutions, including ICON and the Dutch National Portrait Gallery. She founded the first photo agency dedicated to art photography.
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ISBN: 9781781576809
ISBN-10: 1781576807
Publisher: Ilex Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Pages: 208
Language: English